Secure your future

Diamonds are the most convenience way of how to safely secure money
meanwhile you save and earn them.

Diamonds are confidently return on investment for the whole family. For you, your children and grandchildren. Diamonds, this is a safe investment, easy liquidity, price lasted and high quality.


What is new Diamond Certainty?

Diamond certainty is a unique product, enabling the purchase of the best quality certified diamonds, diamonds jewellery and watches. Virtually anyone can afford it because you can gradually pay off the price of the diamond by saving monthly amounts.

The Diamond Certainty Program is a risk-free investment that you can afford. It simply lets you own diamonds or diamond jewellery. Unique marketing offers the general public a unique opportunity to participate in the company’s turnover and at the same time to make extra money.

8 reasons to start investing in diamonds

  1. Secure investment. Each diamond is always certified by an independent, globally recognised IGI, HRD and GIA.
  2. Unregistered investment. Diamonds are not subject to registration of any authority and it means for you completely Anonymous ownership without any evidence.
  3. Permanent value. The price of diamonds is not subject to any inflation, it is stable, permanent and constantly growing in the long run. You will never lose your invested money.
  4. Concentrated value. A great deal of value is hidden in a small diamond volume. In comparison, 1 kilogram of gold corresponds o approximately 0.5 grams of high-quality diamond.
  5. Easy mobility. The diamonds are small, light and compact, and can be easily and safely transferred or transferred from anywhere to the world.
  6. Immediate liquidity. Even if you buy diamonds on one side of the globe, you will always be able to sell them again without difficulty even at the other end of the world.
  7. Indestructible quality. Moreover, diamonds are indestructible. They will not burn in a fire, withstand great water and will not be harmed by acid. This is another added value of investing in diamonds.
  8. Originality and beauty. Diamonds and diamond jewellery are always work of art. They are unique, timeless, luxurious, beautiful and inspire positive emotions and a sense of uniqueness.

Who stands behind Diamond certainty?

DIC Investment Limited is part of the international group of companies DIC – Diamonds International Corporation.

DIC was founded in 2005. From the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it has spread very quickly to many other countries spread throughout the world. During that time, she has accumulated a lot of experience.

DIC is engaged in the sale of investment diamonds, its own craft production and the sale of original diamond jewellery and diamond watches.

  • DIC exhibition spaces with investment diamonds, diamond jewellery and watches are in Prague, Bratislava, Sofia and even Dubai.
  • DIC became a member and shareholder of the prestigious diamond exchange Beurs voor Diamanthandel in Antwerp and a member of the DDE – Dubai Diamond Exchange.
  • All jewellery comes from our own parts. They are protected by a trademark registered throughout the EU, the DIC trademark and the hallmark according to applicable laws.
  • Each DIC diamond is unique and certified by international globally recognised IGI, HRD and GIA.
  • For maximum transparency, DIC is one of the few to certify gemstones around the world and supply certificates for jewellery embedded stones.
  • Currently, DIC has more than 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide.

How does Diamond certainty work?

Become a diamond owner and get your side income quickly and easily:
  1. First, decide to use diamonds, jewellery or watches as an investment tool.
  2. Choose a diamond or jewellery to start saving on or decide later.
  3. Consider how much money you can postpone monthly to save on your diamond or jewellery.
  4. Start sending the chosen amount of money each month to your Diamond security account.
  5. Once you have saved enough money, you can purchase a selected diamond or jeweller.
  6. You will gradually gain passive income without making any effort.
  7. You will be proactive and get a much higher income once you move your passion for diamonds into a worldwide successful business.

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